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MIDTOWN: (512) 453-7007

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512 West Stassney Lane, suite 113 Austin, TX 78745

Here’s What You Should Know When Refinancing Your Mortgage

Refinancing your mortgage is a step most people take to reduce their current interest rate, trim their monthly payments, or to check out the equity of their home. All in all, you are looking to save yourself money by refinancing your mortgage and make life simpler.

If you are ready to take those steps but are unsure of a couple of things, we have the answers for you here.

Why You Need A Refinanced Loan

Refinancing your mortgage is very helpful for several reasons. It can help you reduce your monthly payment and a lower interest rate or extend the loan term longer to give yourself more time to pay the mortgage. It can ease the burden of paying a loan that you don’t need to pay for anymore.

You have the option to switch from an adjustable to a fixed-rate loan, which allows steadier payments and increased financial stability. These options will provide you when a sense of ease when paying your monthly mortgage in the future.

How Refinanced Loans Work

When you refinance your mortgage loan, your new loan replaces the original mortgage you took on for your home. By taking out a new loan, you will pay off your original loan and make mortgage payments to the insurance company that created your refinanced mortgage loan.

Make sure you are with the right mortgage lender that has your best interest in reducing your mortgage interest loan. This lender is a vital part of refinancing your loan correctly.

When You Should Refinance Your Mortgage

Some factors that indicate to homeowners that it is an excellent time to refinance your mortgage loan are the following:

  • Credit improvement: Your chances of qualifying for a loan with better terms will increase when your credit improves.

  • You’ve built up a lot of value in your home: When your home has 20 percent in equity, you are likely to qualify to eliminate your mortgage insurance. You can do this with a refinanced loan to decrease your monthly payment.

  • Your interest rate fell below your current payment: If your mortgage rate fell, you can secure a lower interest rate than what you already pay on your current loan. If you currently have an adjustable-rate mortgage, consider switching to a fixed-rate mortgage to breathe a little easier.

Why You Should Get A New Insurance Quote When Refinancing

For most homeowners, many organizations help you receive a significant discount on your new insurance quote. When reviewing your current insurance policy and searching for a new policy plan, be sure to ask questions and take note of the discounts you receive with specific plans and compare them to what you are looking for in an insurance policy. You just might find that your new policy gives you a much better discount than your prior one.

How You Should Refinance Your Loan

Setting a goal is the first item to take care of when refinancing your loan. Are you looking to reduce monthly payments, shorten your loan term, or tap into your home’s equity? You need to decide what you want for your refinanced loan. Once you choose that, choose a lender that agrees with the refinance rate you selected for yourself.

When you and your lender have agreed, lock your interest rate. During this time, you and your lender will close the loan before the lock on your rate expires. When your loan passes, take a breath of fresh air to celebrate.