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When you rent an apartmentcondo, or town home, you need to make sure that you have coverage to protect you and your property. There are a lot of tenants who make the mistake of assuming that the landlord is going to handle all of the insurance needs of his or her renters. However, they may have commercial property coverage, and that’s all. You need to make sure that your belongings are properly protected in case of a problem. We offer policies which will cover the loss of personal property after a damaging situation, such as a fire, flood, or break-in. The reality is that renters are not going to be automatically protected from harm when they sign their lease agreement. The landlord is going to be reimbursed for damages to the property itself, but again, this does not include reimbursing you for your property loss. This is why this kind of coverage is so very important!

What Does it Cover?

It covers almost all types of personal property that you may have in your apartment, condo, town home, etc. Policies also will provide liability for medical or legal expenses if a visitor to your apartment is injured. Costs will vary, but most policies cover up to around $35,000 in property losses and $100,000 in liability claims against the renter. Most individuals who apply for coverage are accepted. However, there are some situations where an application may be rejected. For example, it’s difficult for college students to get coverage for their dorm rooms. Also, group housing situations typically have applications which are rejected. One important thing you should understand about renters insurance is that loss of property coverage is the payout policy. Policy claims can be paid out as actual cash value or replacement cost.

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