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2021 Insurance Trends and Predictions


It's without a question that 2020 has been a year to remember. The emergence of COVID-19 and the impact that it has had on familiesand businesses has been significant to say the least. Millions of jobs were lost and some major companies went bankrupt in orderto salvage the damage that has already been done. While the economy is set to bounce back to some resemblance of normalcy relatively soon due to the COVID-19 vaccine being distributed in record time, what does this mean for the insurance industry and its predicted trends for the coming year of 2021?

High Demand/Limited Supply

Insurance companies are wise to prepare for a hard market in 2021, meaning that the demand for insurance will be high but the amount of insurance available will be in limited supply. This is caused from, of course, the hit that the economy has took from the currentpandemic. As a result of these hard market conditions, higher rates may be the new normal until the market is back to normal. Nevertheless, insurance companies will double down on offering value and peace of mind in order to ensure that customers wont strayaway as premiums rise.

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Self Driving Cars and Auto Insurance


It is predicted that in the next 20 years, over 10% of vehicles on the road will be self-driving. This is exciting news due to the fact that 2,841 lives were takenin the US as a result of distracted drivers. Although there are some concerns when it comes to these vehicles such as technical failures, obsolete transportation occupations, and hacking, the benefits outweigh the negatives. Self-driving automobiles, in essence, can save thousands of lives but how will this affect your auto insurance policies?

Affecting Your Insurance Premium

In terms of auto insurance, every state is different when it comes to what a drivers pays and what their current state deems important. Since autonomous vehicles steer the liabilityaway from the driver and instead to the car manufacturer, there are pushes for no-fault insurance which would cover injuries and losses regardless of who is at fault. Also, programslike pay-as-you-go or usage-based programs utilize built-in sensors inside of your dashboard that monitor your driving behavior and will give you discounts for good driving habits.The push for these programs will much more prevalent in the near future as more self-driving cars hit the road.

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How To Avoid Costly Holiday Accidents


The most wonderful time of the year is around the corner and the amount of stress that it can induce is rising among millions of people. Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones, planning a delicious Christmas dinner, and coordinating which in-laws to visit are only just a few examples, amongst many, of how Christmas can be less joyous. One important aspect to consider, however, is to accident proof your life as much as possible during the holidays and give you the peace of mind in order to focus on spending this precious time with your loved ones. During the holidays, about 200 people make emergency room visits every day for injuries that could've been avoided if ideal practices were followed. Listed below are common ways that accidents may take place and how to resolve them.

Real Christmas Trees

Who doesn't like the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree gracing your living area? Without a doubt, the aroma of pine needles induces a sense of the holidays regardless of the time of year. Many homes go up in flames, however, over the course of the Christmas season due to over dry trees. Consider using a fake tree in place of your usual real version, as fake trees nowadays have the same look and feelas real ones. Small pine needle scented 'ornaments' can even be purchased to fill up the air with the enticing smell of a real tree. If you do in fact want to use a real Christmas tree, make sure that itis well hydrated, not in the direct path of a heating vent, and use LED bulbs instead of incandescent light bulbs which create an undesirable amount of heat.

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Why You Should Have Boat Insurance


Navigating the open water in your very own boat can be a very pleasant experience. Accidents do happen however, and its important to have your boat insured if something were to happen. It is worth noting thatmost states do not require coverage on your boat, unlike auto insurance. On the other hand, even though your state may not require boat insurance, your marina or bank may regardless of where you reside. If your state, bank, or marina do in fact require boat insurance, homeowners policies will most likely not be acceptable, reason being that homeowners insurance is limited to low value boats that have a small outboard and with a total length of under 16 feet. Homeowners policies simply do not have the proper services for covering different types of boat damage that may occur to a boat.

Boat insurance is made to specifically address the needs of boaters, such as litigation and investment protection. Lawsuits are commonplace in todays world, as it is quite clear that people will easily sue others for accidents that may occur. For example, an afternoon ride out on the lake or river can turn an unfortunate turn as one of your passengers falls down after cruising over a significant wave. If this passenger gets injured in the process, he or she may decide to sue and hold you accountable for injury and medical bills. With boating insurance, a defense attorney will be provided to represent yourself in courtas well as all covering all damages that you have to owe. Consider another scenario where you lose your boat, which is considered an investment, to a hurricane or a powerful storm. A proper boating policy will give you thepeace of mind that your investment is covered.

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Holiday Accidents and Homeowners Insurance


With the holidays creeping around the corner, its possible that you have a lot on your agenda. However, its easy to overlook the different scenarios of what could go wrong should you be hosting the holidays in your home. Holiday accidents are all too common and guaranteed dampen the mood in a time for celebration and gratitude. Fortunately with the right insurance coverage, you can minimize the financial damage if an accident or mishap were to occur.


Insurance claims related to fireplace accidents are more than double while the holiday season in full swing. The average cost for such a claim is $10,149 and thankfully most insurance policies got you covered. It is worth noting that if you have had the same coverage for some time, you may not have enough coverage to cover the damage valuables inside your home. Who knew roasting chestnuts could be so disastrous

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Can Landlords Require Renters Insurance?


Renting a home can come along with benefits such as flexibility and not having to pay as much money in the beginning as you would with a mortgage. Obtaining homeowners insurance is the smart move for a homeowner, but what about renters insurance?

Landlords can require you, the tenant, to have renters insurance while under the lease. Even if the landlord doesn't require renters insurance, it's important to consider obtaining it. Chances are, there are many valuable items in your rental home or apartment and if those contents were to be damaged in any way, they would not be covered without renters insurance. The landlords policy only covers the STRUCTURE of the property while the renters insurance is additional protection. Therefore, it is beneficial to think about the benefits of renters insurance.

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COVID-19 and Homeowners Insurance


For many American families, the household income has taken a turn for the worse due to the recent pandemic that has plagued much of the world. If you are unlucky enough to fall victim to this trend, you may have been scavenging for ways to save money on household expenses such as groceries, auto loans, and mortgages. But homeowners insurance is an often overlooked expense, with higher costs taking precedence.

How has COVID-19 affected my homeowner's insurance?

If you're following governmental protocols by staying at home as much as you can, chances are you have or are currently working from home, as well as children and teenagers resuming virtual in-home schooling. Chances are that the coronavirus has impacted how much insurance you need. For example, if you or your spouse works from home and a client visits your home and is injured in the process or if one of your children's electronic devices(iPad, Laptop, etc.) for school use is broken at home, you will need to make sure your current policy covers these situations.

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What Is The Difference Between Comprehensive and Collision Insurance?


These two types of auto insurance are the most common types of insurance you will see when getting a car insurance quote. They offer you protection when your vehicle is damaged. The type of damage they cover, however, is not the same. Read below to learn more about both types of insurance.

  • Collision Insurance: Collision insurance covers damage to your vehicle in the event of a covered accident involving a collision with a vehicle. This type of insurance covers repairs or replacement of your covered vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Comprehensive coverage covers other damages caused by covered events such as theft, vandalism, or hail.

In some cases, comprehensive insurance can protect you from damage that collision insurance does not. Which is why bundling comprehensive and collision coverage can work in your favor.

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Top 7 Motorcycle Safety Tips


Riding a motorcycle is an exciting experience. However, without proper precautions and safety precautions it can be very dangerous. Our team at Stanley Insurance has spent time gathering the top motorcycle safety tips to keep you safe on the road. Read below to learn more.

1. Always Check The Weather

Rain can easily make a leisurely ride difficult. Driving in these conditions is hazardous for bikers due to the reduced traction and visibility. Be sure to check for clear weather before you go out.

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How To Get Commercial Vehicle Insurance


Are you wondering how to get commercial vehicle insurance for your company vehicles? Or What qualifies a vehicle for commercial auto coverage? Our team at the Stanley Insurance Agency can help. Generally, if a vehicle is used in tasks related to the operator's occupation, profession, or business (other than commuting) a commercial auto policy is necessary.

You May Need Commercial Auto Insurance If You:

  • Transport goods or people in your vehicle as part of your job
  • Conduct services with your vehicle (dog grooming, food trucks, etc.)
  • Need liability coverage because of the nature of your job
  • Haul a considerable amount of tools, equipment, or trailers used to conduct business with your vehicle
  • Employees operate the vehicle or if ownership of the vehicle is in the name of a corporation or partnership

Many businesses use vehicles that may be excluded from personal policies, so be sure you have the right insurance policy. Contact our team to get started today on a commercial auto insurance quote.

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How We Are Working With Customers During the Pandemic


Our team at the Stanley Insurance Agency is committed to working with customers during the pandemic to provide contactless insurance services. We know that during the pandemic high risk customers and their family need to remain safe. Our team is committed to helping you stay safe.

Contactless Payments

Many customers call in to make payments over the phone. We recommend always making your payments over the phone to prevent unnecessary contact. If you have any issues with calling in to make a payment feel free to call our office. Our agents can help walk you through the process and complete the payment.

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5 Tips to Help You Save Money On Motorcycle Insurance


Our team at Stanley Insurance Agency knows that having proper insurance coverage on your motorcycle is important. That's why we have put a list of the top 5 money-saving tips together for motorcycle insurance. Read below to learn more about how you can save on motorcycle insurance with our team.

1. Infrequent Rider Discount

If you only ride your motorcycle on the occasional sunny weekend, ask about discounts for occasional or part-time driver. You might also consider lowering your coverage cost if you don't ride in the winter at all. If you have a loan on the bike, your lender will most likely require full coverage.

2. Join A Club

Members of motorcycle clubs sometimes are offered discounted rates. They are also a great way to compare policies with other riders, get recommendations, and see who is paying what.

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How To Save Money On Car Insurance


Having auto insurance is both smart and prudent, but there is no question that it adds to the expense of owning a car. The good news is that insurance premiums can vary by hundreds of dollars depending on a number of factors. Review your coverages at the time of renewal to ensure you are getting the best rates. Our team at Stanley Insurance Agency can help you get a competitive quote on auto insurance. Just contact our experts for more information. Read more below about how to save money on car insurance.

Compare Insurance costs before you buy a car

Auto insurance premiums are based in part on the car's price, the cost to repair it, and its overall safety record or likelihood of theft. Many insurance agencies offer discounts for features that reduce the risk of car theft or personal injury. In some cases, cars that are known as safe can also have lower insurance premiums. When you are comparing new or used vehicles to purchase, also do some research on how much each will cost to insure.

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How Hot Summer Weather Can Damage Your Home


Most homeowners are well aware of how winter weather can affect our homes. It can freeze pipes, damage rooftops, and cause damage to trees around your home. However, hot and humid weather doesn't affect homes in the same way. Head damage is less predicable and tends to occur over time. However even though there may be no immediate affects on your home, you shouldnt disregard the issue. It is important to be awayre of potential damages heat can have on your home.


Heat damage on your rooftop can be hard to identify. However, if left untreated it could cause structural damage to your home. If you have an attic you are probably aware of how hot your attic can become during the daytime. Many attics lac airflow, which means any heat and humidity that builds up inside has no way to escape. This excess humidity can speed up the deterioration of your roofing shingles.

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Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Take Care Of Your Home In The Summer

For many summertime is the best time of year to be outdoors enjoying the weather and sunshine. Warm temperatures and longer days make picnicking and spending time with family easier than ever. Likewise, longer days and warmer weather make summer a perfect time to complete some much-needed maintenance after the winter months. Take a look below at some of our summer maintenance tips for your home.

Beginning of the Season Maintenance

Preparing your home for the summer should be a simple process. If you find any damage, make sure to schedule repairs quickly to mitigate further damage and help keep your family safe. Be sure to check both inside and outside of your home fro damage or wear and tear. Search for damaged shingles, siding, and any areas where rodents or other wildlife could have entered your home. Fixing any of these spots early can help keep your home better conditioned, sealed, and ready for summer weather.

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Are Your Workshop Tools Covered By Homeowners Insurance


Most homeowner's insurance policies are designed to provide you with protection from damage and risks to your property and home. In most cases, this includes fire damage, theft, and storm damages. However, many homeowners are unaware that they can file an insurance claim from damage or loss for other items in their home. Not just the structure itself. A standard homeowners insurance policy provides contents coverages as well which can help you protect valuables like tools.

Home insurance policies cover the contents of the home if those contents are damaged as a result of unavoidable incidents. The event must be covered by your insurance policy, however. For example, if your homeowner's insurance policy coverers theft and your tools were stolen, then they may be covered. However, if your policy does not cover flooding for example and a flood ruins your tools, then the coverage may not be applicable.

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4 Things You Should Know About Storm Damage & Homeowners Insurance


When it comes to homeowners insurance the coverages are typically reflective of the area you live and specifically where your home is. Homeowners insurance is designed to protect you in the event of damage to your home, loss of property, and accidents that may occur on your property. However, if you are not familiar with all of the coverages in your homeowner's insurance policy be sure to contact your insurance agency. They should be able to provide you with a full list of coverages and amounts.

4 Things You Should Know:

1. Your homeowners insurance may not cover water damage

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Trust Our Team To Protect Your Family

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Consider These 4 Tips When Reviewing Your Homeowners Insurance


Renewing your homeowner’s insurance policy is something you do once a year to make sure everything looks in shape for your upcoming year. We’re often comfortable with what our policy does for us, but if you made changes that affect you and your home, then we advise you to take a closer look at what your policy offers you. You might find that your current policy does not give you the benefits you need for you and your home.

Here are four tips to consider when reviewing your homeowner’s insurance policy.

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What You Need to Know About Renters Insurance


When renting an apartment, condo, or townhome, it is important to have coverage that protects you and your property. Your renter’s insurance reimburses you for the accidents that may happen to you when you occupy one of these living spaces.

Although the insurance cannot prevent these things from happening, it can certainly provide the aid you need after an accident or injury.

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Here’s What You Should Know When Refinancing Your Mortgage

Home Refinancing & Insurance

Refinancing your mortgage is a step most people take to reduce their current interest rate, trim their monthly payments, or to check out the equity of their home. All in all, you are looking to save yourself money by refinancing your mortgage and make life simpler.

If you are ready to take those steps but are unsure of a couple of things, we have the answers for you here.

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How to Find A Leak in Your Roof

Damaged Roof

Are you noticing a leak coming from your roof but can’t precisely identify where the problem is? We can assure you it has probably happened to all of us.

While it is easy enough to identify a water stain on the ceiling and mold growing in spots, it can be hard to tell where the leak begins once it hits the insulation in your home.

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Top 5 Spring Insurance Tips


The winter months are almost over and now it is time for you to prepare for spring and summer. Our team at the Stanley Insurance agency knows that you can benefit from some of these spring cleaning tips to protect your home.

1. Change the air filters in your HVAC unit - Changing the air filter in your HVAC unit can extend the life of your system, maintain healthy air quality, and keep energy costs down.

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New Year New Insurance!


The new year is often a time when people resolve to make changes to better their lives. While making your resolutions this year, don’t forget to include a review of your insurance to ensure you still have the right amount of coverage to protect you and your family. Our team at the Stanley Insurance Agency has put together a list of things to check entering the new year.

Homeowners Insurance

Checking to make sure your home is properly covered may not be high on your priority list, especially if your home has been insured for the last year. However, there are a few reasons to check your home insurance.

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Preparing Your Home For Winter: Your Heating System Checklist


The heating system in your home is perhaps the most crucial point during the winter months, and the time to check your furnace and other heating appliances is in the fall. Give your system a test run to make sure everything is operating properly. Preparing your home for winter can help you save money by preventing any sort of damages that may occur. Take a look at our pre-winter heating checklist below to learn more about how to prepare your home for winter. Also, be sure to check out our future checklists so you can stay prepared for seasonal weather.

Pre-Winter Heating System Checklist

  • Check Your Filters:Check to ensure that you have a new air filter before running your furnace. It's an easy step to ensure that you have clean air and no airflow issues with the heating of your home. Each furnace has its own requirements for air filter sizes, so check the manufacturer recommendations for your unit.

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White Cane Awareness


Every year on October 15 is White Cane Awareness Day, this day has been made known by The National Federation of the Blind. White canes are an important resource for blind individuals, though they navigate with an amplified sense of sound and touch, the white cane exists to help them feel things that their arms wouldn’t be able to reach. This is used as a safety tool helping them better explore and navigate their environments letting them know where obstacles are and if there is a step, they need to be aware of. It is important to remember that if help is needed, help will be asked for, the white cane is there to help give independence to those who are blind. Below are some more tips that you can keep in mind when meeting a blind person.

The National Federation of the Blind has set out “Courtesy Rules of Blindness”

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Preparing Your Home For The Fall

Fall Leaves

The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, fall is right around the corner. Before you can sit back and enjoy your pumpkin spice latte in front of a bonfire, it is time for you to make sure your home is prepared for the months ahead. Below is a list of things that you can do to ensure your home is ready!

1. Get Your HVAC Serviced

Your HVAC system has been working hard to keep your home and family cool all summer, though you won’t be using it in the fall or winter, now is the time to get it checked to ensure that when next summer rolls around your system will be working! There are many small issues that can happen after a summer of hard work and making sure your system is working properly will save you from costly repairs after months of sitting.

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Protect Your Family with the RIGHT auto insurance

Car Insurance

Regardless of using your vehicle for road trips with your family or just as a means to get you to all the events of daily life, one of the most important things you can do for your family is to make sure you have invested in a policy that protects them. Our team is here to help you find which policy best fits your personal needs ensuring that if there were ever an emergency you would be covered. Below are some tips on picking the right insurance for your family and your vehicle.

The most important thing that you need to make sure of is that your insurance meets the state minimums. If you aren’t going to look into an extensive plan, you need to at least ensure your policy meets the required minimum. It is against the law to drive on a policy that doesn’t meet these state-regulated guidelines, this can result in you being ticketed or even accruing a hefty fine in the case of an accident. While these things sound scary, our goal is to educate you on your options.

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Insurance Tips For Millennials

Insurance Tips For Millennials

You’ve reached the age where you may be taking out student loans, buying or renting a place to live, having kids and, ultimately, purchasing insurance. These major life events for millennials make it extremely important to have a financial security net. And that’s exactly what insurance is: a financial security net.

There are a number of reasons why people of all ages avoid purchasing insurance. It is often seen as a big investment, but that does not always mean that it is an expensive one. Insurance probably costs less than you might think. And many people your age overestimate the cost of renters insurance by as much as 5x the actual amount. If you are in the market for new insurance let our team help. Take a look below at our 5 quick tips for buying insurance.

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Keep Your Home Safe From Thieves With The Latest Smarthome Technology


There are many products that are out on the market right now that are geared toward making you feel safer at home. These home security systems can be bought at local stores as well as online. One of the most talked about home systems right now is the Ring. Ring is designed to not only be a doorbell but a camera as well that is activated by motion. This system links to your phone to notify you when the door has been rung or if there is someone or something moving in range of the camera. The Ring can be connected to the Amazon ECHO which will also alert you when your system goes off even if your phone isn’t near.

The August Doorbell Cam Pro is another camera that can be used with the Amazon Alexa voice control. Like many other systems you can access live feed from your phone, and you will be alerted anytime there is voice or motion detected. This system can also be paired with the smart locks that you have to buy separately. This allows you to lock and unlock your doors with the simple click of a button. This unique feature can come in handy especially if you have children in school, it allows you to see when they get home and let them in to the house, so they don’t have to keep track of a key.

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7 Child Safety Tips

Hot Cars

With the temperature rising and it being one of the hottest summers the United States has seen in years it is important to safeguard your children from being left in the car. As unfortunate as this topic is, it is still a prevalent issue today. There have been 21 reported child hot car deaths so far in 2019 alone. When it is said that it can happen to anyone it can, not all instances of children dying in hot cars are due to malicious negligence. Have you ever driven from point A to point B and been surprised you are already there? It is easy to get lost in thought as you are driving and if your child sleeps well in the car, they won’t make a sound when you exit the car.

Car Doors

Another less talked about factor of hot car deaths is that children are curious, children who can reach the handles of the car door have been known to open and climb into the car and then not be able to get out. There are many different instances that can lead up to this type of tragic event, below there are some ways to protect your children from this ever happening to them.

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Accidents and Car Seat Safety


Bump. Crash. Boom.

You have been involved in a car accident and your children are in the car. It’s terrifying and traumatic, what next, what do you do? It is important that after a car accident you do not continue to use the same car seats, there are many resources to getting your car seats replaced free of charge. Many times, insurance companies will include the cost of car seats in the damages of a car accident, taking care of the cost of replacement.

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Protect Your Identity - Clean Out Your Wallet


It is that time of year that you should look at cleaning out your wallet, thieves and opportunist will use anything they can find to take advantage of other people’s identities. Now is a great time to sit down and go through your extra credit cards and IDs, disposing of or storing them in a safe place. Crime tends to peak during holidays and during the summer, you are at risk unless you plan on staying at home all summer swimming in your backyard, we don’t blame you if you do but the majority of people are out here this summer going to pools, water parks, and going on vacation. You are -especially vulnerable if you are traveling places you have never been before.


Below is a list of things not to keep in your wallet:


1. Social Security Card:

While it is a common misconception, thieves can do anything with the information that comes on your social security card. Many times, a social security number is the last thing identity thieves need to type in before they can get a whole new to them credit card. This little card is very important, and it should be stored with other important documents.

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Protecting Your Children Online


In the age of technology, it is easy to forget how dangerous the internet can be. Seemingly harmless apps and websites can hide the vilest of internet predators. Though the government is cracking down and working tirelessly to make the web a safe place, there are things you can do as a parent to prevent predators from coming into contact with your children. Today we will talk about what you can do to keep your children safe, what apps are available to monitor their online and phone usage and what signs to look for when all else fails.

There are many parental control apps out on the market now that you can use for phones, tablets, and computers alike. While no app is fail proof, it is a crucial step to making sure that you are aware of the conversations your children are having and what apps they are using. One of the highest rated apps you can find on the market is known as Net Nanny, which is available for IOS iPhone, Androids, computers and tablets. Due to iPhones strict limitations on what you can do, Androids offer more when it comes to parental control applications.

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Staying Safe During Summer Festivities


Summer weather brings out the crowds, with concerts, food and music festivals, and local art fairs, there is an endless amount of exploring you can do this year. While having an amazing time and experiencing what all there is to offer is your first concern, many people fail to take precautionary steps to protect their belongs. With many people coming out to these local festivals are there to also enjoy, there are always some opportunists in the mix who look for every and any opportunity to take advantage during these events. While it is easy to ignore that these things do happen, you never think that it will be you next until it is.

One of the first ways you can be sure to protect your belongings is to evaluate the contents of your vehicle before you even leave for an event. Make sure that remove things of value from your car that you do not need. These include laptops, cameras, expensive sports gear and anything else that could be sold for money. Do not leave cash in your vehicle, cash is one of the most common things to go missing from vehicles if your car is broken into they will check every compartment for items to take. If for any reason you are unable to clear out your car before the festival you will need to make sure you are able to cover those items so they cannot be seen from the window. Lastly, you will need to make sure that you lock your vehicle, sometimes something as simple as locking the door will ensure that opportunist move on to the next.

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Window Safety When You Have Children


One of the most common mistakes parents make when childproofing their homes is not childproofing the windows. If a child can reach it, chances are the child will get into it. Below is a comprehensive list of things you can do to ensure the safety of your children around your windows.

Step 1.

The first recommended step to childproofing your windows is to install window stoppers, a very inexpensive solution. A window stopper is exactly what it sounds like, it is a piece of plastic that you put in the jam of the window to keep it from opening. One of the most common injuries that children receive as a result of improper window safety is smashed fingers. It is very easy for a child to open a window or try closing a window and their fingers getting in the way. Unfortunately, younger children do not expect the windows to close on their hands so they put their hands on the window seal to close it.

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Preparing Your Home & Your Family For A Tornado


Storms and tornadoes have been a common thing to hear about as we transition from spring into summer. Texas has been known to get get some damaging tornadoes with little to no warning. If you find yourself in a situation where a tornado is heading your way, there are some basic steps you and your family can take to protect yourself regardless of where you live. Just this past week a tornado tore through parts of Texas leaving destruction in its wake. Half of staying safe during a natural disaster is being prepared for it. Below we will discuss what you should do before, during and after a tornado.

Be Prepared:

  1. Make Sure your flashlights have fresh batteries, keep extra batteries in your emergency kits

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8 Tips To Help You Prepare For An Emergency


Natural disasters, fires, and flooding, these are just a few of the things that can negatively impact your families quality of life at any point in time. Though wishful thinking and avoidance can make you want to ignore these difficult conversations, it is very important to have a plan laid out so if an emergency strikes your family knows just what to do. Having older children in your house can make you feel like you no longer need to have these conversations, preparing your children now, no matter their age can make the difference between life and death.

It is vital to sit down and make a family disaster plan listing out what will happen in the case of that emergency. Who does what, which neighbors house are you going to, who is grabbing the disaster kit..ect.? Below there is a list of thing to gather and discuss to best prepare your family for the worst.

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Motorcycle Buying Tips


It’s that time of year, picture this, driving down the highway, the wind blowing through your hair. Adrenaline running through your veins, music playing in and a helmet. It is officially the beginning of motorcycle season and this year is your year. Your wife finally said yes, you have finally saved enough money, whatever the reason may be it is time for you to purchase a motorcycle. Due to the cost, you have come to the conclusion that buying a used motorcycle is the best option for you. The next question would be “How do I go about buying a used motorcycle safely?” and if it's not, then it should be. While there are many things that go into buying a motorcycle below is a list of things to consider before your purchase.

1. Pricing

Research pricing between new and used bikes, while the initial cost may be less, repairs can be costly. It is recommended to have a thorough background and history on anything you decide to purchase used.

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5 Things you may not know about renters insurance


Renters insurance is a necessary evil, whether you are required to have renters insurance or you are being proactive this type of insurance can be tricky to navigate. Below you will find out something things about renters insurance that people don’t tend to know right off the bat. While there are many factors that go into choosing the right renters insurance for your personal needs don’t blindly make a choice or you may end up out of pocket on items you thought would be covered in the case of an accident or emergency.

1. Renters Insurance does NOT cover the physical structure of the apartment you are renting.

No, renters insurance does not cover your physical apartment. This type of insurance is meant to protect you the renter and your personal property. Having this type of insurance is meant to help you replace the replacement of your personal property without having to come completely out of pocket.

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How To Get Your Home Ready For Spring


With the spring season in full effect it is time to get your lawns and gardens presentable for your local HOA’s and more importantly for your own enjoyment. With there being so many different suggestions on how to create a cohesive and elegant lawn/garden below are some of our favorite tips to achieving a thriving yard and garden! Many of these tips can help you keep your yard from flooding and prepare your home for the summer. These damages are normally covered under homeowners insurance, but following these tips can help you stay out of deep water.

  1. Prep your lawn with a rake - use your rake to remove leaves and debris that have built up from the previous seasons. If you have a compost pile this is a good time to spread a thin aged layer to give your lawn a bit of a boost.

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The Many Types Of RV Insurance


With the summer season quickly approaching, below is a quick guide and basic breakdown of RV insurance. It's important to be protected and prepared so you can travel with peace of mind.

What is RV insurance?

RV insurance is similar to auto insurance, a good policy will include collision, comprehensive, and liability coverage with the option to add on:

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5 Tips & Tricks To Get Ready To Ride This Spring Motorcycle Season


Its finally springtime in Texas and you know what that means. Its motorcycle season. Whether your motorcycle is sitting in a garage all winter or you’re just riding fewer miles, the spring riding season is like a new beginning. In some states, bikers can’t ride at all in the winter. Other motorcycle enthusiasts get to log a few miles in the winter months. Either way, spring, summer and fall riding is still prime-time. Here are 5 tips & Tricks to get ready for the spring riding season

1) Check your insurance.

As the spring months loom, make sure your bike is insured, but also make sure you’re getting the best deal on motorcycle insurance. That doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest. Make sure you’re doing your research on service and coverage as well. You don’t want to be waiting on your insurance to go through as the rest of your friends hit the road.

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What Documents Do You Need To Get Car insurance


When purchasing or adjusting your car insurance, knowing exactly what information you need to provide and what documents you may need to bring to a meeting with your agent can be confusing. But it doesn't have to be.

A visit to your agent will most commonly focus on new coverage or changes to your existing plan. Here are key items to consider in either situation:

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Tips for Traveling in Mexico


Mexico is often a great place to get away to for us Texans, as an effective road trip idea. However, Mexico is a dramatically different place than the USA. Driving in Mexico is a wildly different experience than in the States, so it's important that if you aren't already informed of the process, and different conditions of Mexico that you become familiar so you can travel like an expert!

First and foremost, you must get what is known as a "Temporary import permit". This will essentially allow you to travel with your vehicle in Mexico without any issue. You will need to obtain this permit from a Customs office. There are a few things you should bring with you in order to get a permit. These are:

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Renters Insurance Guide


Renters insurance is a lot like homeowners insurance. It's intended purpose is to cover the cost of any damages that may occur within the home you are renting in the event of a disaster. In order to keep your assets financially secured, you should purchase renters insurance.

Renters insurance protects against a lot of things, but it is important to mention the three key points.

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5 Things You Should Know When Buying Renters Insurance


In recent years, the restrictions on lending have gotten tighter and tighter. This, in turn, is causing more people to rent a home rather than buy a home. Renting in some ways is the cheaper option. This is typical because you are not responsible for things a homeowner would be responsible for, such as maintenance and repairs. However, there is a very substantial difference between owning a home, versus renting one. The difference is that with homeowners insurance the belongings in your home are covered, and when you are renting they are not. But, that does not mean that the belongings in your home can't be covered. They can still be covered, by means of renters insurance. There are a few things you should pay attention to and keep in mind when buying a policy.

1. How much coverage do you need?

The basic use of renters insurance is to cover the cost of replacing the belongings in your home in the event of something unfortunate like an accident, theft or by means of a natural disaster. With this in mind, the smart way of determining how much coverage you need is to take an inventory of all the possessions you have in order to have a good idea of the coverage you need. When doing this take note of what the item is, when you bought it, and how much you paid for it as well as what you believe it is worth now. After you have added all your belongings up, you'll have an idea on how much coverage to buy.

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A Quick Guide To Motorcycle Insurance

Sure, almost everyone has a car or has had a car at some point in time. However, there is a different type of vehicle that must also be considered, and must also be accounted for. This vehicle is a motorcycle. Love it or hate it, motorcycles count as a motor vehicle as well, and because of this auto insurance is a must for this type of transportation as well.

As with the typical minimum for car owners, motorcycle owners must buy at least liability insurance. Liability insurance only pays for the injuries to others and the damage to their vehicles. It does not, in any way cover you for injury or damages. However, we'd recommend more than liability coverage, because often times motorcycle accidents with other automobiles are often causes of major injuries to the motorcycle driver. Without some medical coverage for motorcycles in the event of an accident, an already bad situation can turn into a much more major problem financially.

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When Do You Need RV Insurance?


When Do You Need RV Insurance?

When driving a typical vehicle, such as a car, truck or SUV you will need to purchase car insurance for that vehicle. The same is a good idea whenever you own an RV. However, you only need insurance for certain types of RV's.

Some of the main signs that you need RV insurance are:

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Safety On Electric Scooters


Safety On Electric Scooters

In the Austin Area, a new form of transportation has gained in popularity in the form of Electric Scooter rental. However, one thing that the scooter rental companies do not account for is what happens whenever an accident occurs. For this reason, it's safe to assume that if the scooter rental company does not tell you explicitly that you are covered in the event of an accident, it is safe to say that you aren't covered. This is because home or auto insurance typically doesn't cover scooters.

In the event where you do get into an accident, your health insurance is likely to cover your injuries, but is in no way responsible to injuries to others who may have been in your path. It's always worth noting that you are the one who is insured and not any other. So, if an accident was to happen and someone else was riding the scooter that you had rented, this will likely cause complications. So it is important that you let no one else ride the scooter you rented, even a little, especially if they are a minor, as most scooter agreements do not allow any minors to ride the scooter.

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Full Coverage vs Liability Insurance


Full Coverage vs Liability Insurance

Car insurance is not as simple as it seems. There are a lot of variables and things to cover in order to understand exactly what you need out of it, and what you don't. The truth is, the more you research insurance, and what is a good idea, and what isn't, the better off you will be.

How much insurance do you need?

This is the question which everyone asks or at least the question you should be asking yourself. This really depends on your needs. To begin, there are two different types of vehicle insurance.

The first, and cheaper option is liability insurance. The main use of liability insurance is to simply cover the potential cost of damage that can be caused to others while driving if you become involved in an accident. This is typically the costs involved such as the vehicle damage to their vehicle, as well as any medical costs involved. Liability insurance is typically the law in most places and is the minimum amount of insurance that you legally must have.

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Top 3 Insurance tips for millennials


Top 3 Insurance tips for millennials

Being a millennial, you have now reached the point in your life where you will be taking and making some major decisions in your life. Will you go to college, or will you go to the military, or neither of these? Will you buy a home, or rent a home? These are all major life decisions and can only be aided with a stable financial situation. This is exactly how insurance is, be it home insurance, or car insurance, a safety net for finances, due to the fact is the monthly payments insure you'll have means to fix, or replace something when accidents happen. Here are 5 tips which can aid you for the better.

  1. Shop Smart - Shopping doesn't always have to be buying the most expensive thing, with all the perks and features, or even cheaping out and getting by with the least amount possible. You should attempt to find a good middle ground. Do your research. Assess what you'd like, and what you wouldn't like. From here. you will be able to better determine which plan you should go with, and what will suit you best for your situation.

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Finding The Best Insurance - Part 4


Finding The Best Insurance - Part 4

Keeping your insurance premiums down doesn't always have to be you shopping around, or changing your entire plan in order to fit your budget. There are other things in which you can do in order to lower your insurance rate. A lot of times, getting lower rates can be simpler than you may think. Here are some easy ways to lower your rate without switching insurance providers.

1. Security Measures

This is exactly what it sounds like. Keeping your vehicle safe, such as housing it inside a garage, can lower premiums. Some of the other ways include fitting in things such as an alarm, immobilizer or GPS tracking will lower premiums. Living in a safe neighborhood will also keep your vehicle safe, thus translating to a lower premium.

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Finding The Best Insurance - Part 3


Finding The Best Insurance - Part 3

A lot of people only really have the possibility of switching insurance from their current provider whenever they go out and buy a new vehicle. However, for those who are just trying to lower their rates, they have the potential to shop around as well, it is their duty as smart shoppers to do so. It is something worth considering that you don't have to switch providers entirely in order to get a lower premium. Here are some ways of getting lower premiums at your current Auto Insurance provider.

1. Usage-based Coverage

Driving less will equal less risk of getting into an accident. This means that it will be cheaper for us to insure you because the vehicle will be less of a risk to us, which allows us to give you a cheaper rate. This is why it is important to your mileage to us.

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Finding The Best Insurance - Part 2


Finding The Best Insurance - Part 2

Cheaper is what everyone wants. Often times, they shop around for the company that is willing to give them the cheapest coverage. However, one should consider that changing their habits may also play a major role in keeping rates down.

1. Take Care of your vehicle

Vehicles that are taken good care of are going to be less of a risk to insurers. Keeping vehicles in a garage is one of the things which we as insurers are willing to take into account. Taking good care of your vehicle can also be seen as a benefit to you because good maintenance will ensure that the car lasts longer as a result.

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Finding The Best Insurance - Part 1


Finding The Best Insurance - Part 1

There are many things which you can consider when shopping around for insurance. There are a few sets of things you should consider when looking for insurance for your new vehicle. Let's explore some of the things you can do when shopping around for insurance which can play a role in lowering the premium.

1. One company won't always be cheaper than the others

There may be some truth to a company typically being the cheaper option, however, don't assume this. There are many insurance companies around, and you shouldn't rush towards going with one. It's wiser to shop around to find what is best for you policy-wise. If the cheaper rate is all you are after, you may get lucky in finding a cheaper company as well.

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Top 5 Space Heater Safety Tips


Top 5 Space Heater Safety Tips

Houses have fires, usually by accident. However, a major occurrence of house fires can be directly tied back to heating equipment. Heating equipment is one of the leading causes of home fires in the United States, and there is a reason to explain this. Space heaters are usually the culprit in a house fire caused by heating equipment. This is why it is important that if you use a space heater, there are precautions that you should take in order to prevent the fires from happening. In addition to this ensuring that you have the proper homeowner or renters insurance can help you better protect your belongings.

Safety is always priority #1. This is why it is important to follow these tips:

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Top 3 Renters Insurance Safety Tips


Top 3 Renters Insurance Safety Tips

When you buy renters insurance, the coverage is what you are purchasing. This will function as a safety net of sorts in the event where accidents do happen. However, to maintain lower rates over time, you should consider the employment of prevention methods in order to plan for the worst, while reducing the risk as well. Some of the prevention methods you can take advantage of are:

1. Understand where the dangerous objects in your home are

Look for the objects in your home which pose a risk. One example of this is if cabinets or dressers are not anchored to your wall, it could pose a safety risk around small children. Other things, such as unprotected power outlets can pose a risk as well. You should keep a note of these risks, and work to fix them so they can be largely factored out.

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Preparing Your Home For The Winter


Preparing Your Home For The Winter

Winter is the most wonderful time of the year, however, if you fail to be prepare your home for the winter it has the potential of being one of the most miserable times of the year. So, precautions should be taken to ensure that you are prepared to overcome the worst that winter has to throw your way. This includes making sure you have proper homeowners insurance.

Understanding the cold

There are many dangers which can pose an issue during the winter, such as icy walkways and driveways. Another thing which can pose an issue is the snowfall which occurs, causing your driveway, and sidewalks to become filled.

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Renters Insurance in Texas

Stanley Insurance Agency offers many different options for renter's insurance in Texas. Get more information on our main Renter's Insurance page or contact one of our reps to talk about it in person. We look forward to helping you!

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Business Insurance Tips


Business Insurance Tips

When considering insurance costs, the more claims in a period of time have the potential of playing a negative role in determining your insurance cost. This is especially apparent in businesses.

However, there are decisions that can be made which can play a positive role in lowering the cost of commercial insurance. Taking these precautions for your business will ultimately reduce the number of issues which may occur. This includes such things such as an evacuation plan if something were to happen inside the building.

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School Bus Safety Tips


School Bus Safety Tips

No parent should have to worry about whether or not they are safe on the bus ride to school. A lot of times, the rules aren't enforced very well because of the fact that the bus driver must focus on the road, and can't focus on all of the children at the same time. This is why it is a parents duty to teach your kids a proper, and safe way of boarding, and exiting the bus.

1. Walk with kids to the bus stop, and boarding the bus

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Protecting Your Belongings At College


When your kid goes off to college, he or she is at a huge risk for a crime being done, at your expense. This is an unfortunate event that usually results in a serious crime such as burglary.

With risks like this, parents will be asking the question of how we can insure your property in the event this happens. The good news is that there are policies which can be insured, and if you own a home, your child and their belongings are probably already covered on-campus. On-campus insurance is covered typically through your already existing home insurance policy. This is good because it allows for peace of mind when your child is living on campus. This way, all of the belongings your child may have at his or her dorm can be replaced, and not completely lost in the event that some of their belongings are stolen from them.

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Preparing Your Home For Winter


For homeowners, we can all relate to times where a large storm rolls in, damaging, or taking parts of your home with it in the process. Some may believe that this is just a fact of life, and is unavoidable. This may be true, in some occasions, but there is preventative measures which you can take which will decrease the chances of this type of thing occurring.

1. Inspect your roof for any issues

The first preventative measure in which you can follow is to give your building's roof a general inspection. This is quite possibly the easiest thing to do when determining if your roof is in need of any maintenance. This is also the exact point where you will be able to determine if your roof is in need of any maintenance.

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Fall Homeowner Checklist


Often times when someone is considering that the heating or cooling bill is high for their home, they little do consider all of the little things that they could do, replace, or repair in order to make the bill cost much less than it currently is. This all resorts back to at its core is how energy efficient you can make your home because any energy which is wasted will make all of your equipment work harder, for longer. This drives your bills up over time, and will only get worse as these things are neglected and progress farther along.

1. Keep your home airtight

When you believe that your home may not be operating as efficiently as it can, you should consider the common problem areas which may lose heat the most. This can be in a few different places, such as the doors to the home, or the windows to the home. You will be able to tell if they are not working as they are intended to, because they will feel very drafty, and you can often feel the temperature difference standing next to the point of entry, and somewhere else like the center of the home. Another possibility that you may run into is that places around the roof of the home may not be properly insulated, or there is physically a hole that is letting the air in. There is also the possibility that the age of the roof, has caused it to sag which means that the roof will not sit as intended on the home which can cause issues as well. A general rule of thumb when keeping your home at a certain temperature is that the home is like an airtight balloon. If there are any pinholes in this "balloon" anywhere then the inside air will escape.

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Outdoor Cooking Safety Tips


There are many things in life which are dangerous. Cooking is no different. With anything, there are a list of steps involved that anyone should follow if they are cooking. Of course, there are some obvious things you should be aware of, such as not leaving food unattended. However, it is important to know about and understand what you aren't paying attention to for your safety and the safety of others. Failure to do so has the lingering potential to cause injury if not taken into account.

1. Keep Your Grill Away From The House

Grills have an open flame, and open flames should not be near anything that can burn. This is why it is crucial that you keep your grill at least 15 feet away from your home for you, and for your families sake.

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Childproofing your home


When bringing a small child into your home, you understand that they don't always mind their business or do what is safe for them. They do silly things, which get them in trouble. These things can also get them hurt as well, should they get the chance. This is not their fault, as they do not know any better. It is because of this that childproofing your home exists. This attempts to alleviate the chances that they will be put in dangers way, putting you and your family at peace of mind. We will be discussing the things that you can do so that your child is given a safe living environment.

Childproof Your Electrical Outlets

Electricity is dangerous when being used by someone who doesn't know it's capabilities, which means that this is very true for babies. It is also more dangerous for younger children, due to the fact that they have less body mass as adults do, which means it takes less for them to feel the effects. Outlets in your home will typically run off of 120 Volts, but did you know that all you need is 40 volts to be potentially fatal? This proves very dangerous even for adults, but the effects are amplified for children. They won't know any better until it is too late. It is because of this you should childproof your electrical outlets by installing safety plugs, our outlet covers all the outlets you are not using. It is also noteworthy that all cords should be well managed, by using methods which stow the cord away, and keep it from posing a tripping, or choking risk. You should also take great concern to unplug any and all loose appliances put up whenever you are not using them. This includes appliances such as toasters, hair dryers, hair straighteners, or anything else you may use.

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Ways to Save Money On Car Insurance


Let's Face it, Car insurance is more expensive than no insurance at all! However, auto insurance is something you are required to have, in it's the most basic form of liability at the very least. So, it is often that owners will shop around in order to find the best rates for their vehicle. We are going to talk about some tips you can consider so that you can try to save as much money as you can when purchasing auto insurance.

1. Ask Around

In life, you may ask someone one thing and get one response. However, if you ask someone else you may get a response which is completely different from the response the first person had given you. This is no different in the Auto Insurance world. One insurance company may give you better or worse rates than the other. This is based on our records for the vehicle, and your age, among other factors. It is due to these factors that premiums have a wide range of variance. This is why you should do what you can and inquire with as many people to decide what is best for you.

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Renters Insurance Safety Tips


When speaking about your home, you should never be satisfied with the level of safety in, and around your home. If something goes wrong, we often don't think about preventing the problem during the moment. This is where Renters Insurance comes in. With insurance, you can rest assured that you will never have to be worried about not having a prepared solution should unfortunate events happen to you ever again within the property you rent.

1) Learning and keeping First Aid and CPR

Unfortunate events will always happen, we cannot choose when they do and when they don't happen. However, we can choose how we are prepared for these events and what we can do about them. This is why you should value with great importance that you learn first aid and CPR. These skills are important in life should an emergency arise. Should you need to look after younger children, it is very important to know these two things should they get hurt. This will allow you to look after them properly with some basic know-how should something go wrong.

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Driving Safety Tips Part 4


This is the final entry of a four part series of safety tips we have been posting to help new and experienced drivers be safe on the roads.

16. Maintain Your Vehicle - Keeping your vehicle in proper working condition can keep you safe on the road. Keeping fluids topped off, tire pressure correct, performing regular engine maintenance, and making sure lights are working will ensure you're safe on the road.

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Driving Safety Tips Part 3


This is the third part of a four part series of safety tips we will be posting to help new and experienced drivers be safe on the roads.

11. Slow Down for Yellow Lights - Many drivers speed up to get through yellow lights, it is important to respect the light. Slowing down at yellow lights will ensure you have plenty of time to stop at the upcoming red light.

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Driving Safety Tips Part 2


This is the second part of a four part series of safety tips we will be posting to help new and experienced drivers be safe on the roads.

6. Use Turn Signals - The turn signals are in place to let you tell other drives what you plan to do. Even though you cannot count on others to use it, you should always use your turn signals before you turn or make a lane change.

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Driving Safety Tips Part 1


The following safety tips are a part of an ongoing series we will be posting to help new and experienced drivers be safe on the roads.

1. Always Stay Alert - When you're paying attention to the drivers around you, you can be prepared for any unexptected actions they may take.

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