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Fall Homeowner Checklist

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Often times when someone is considering that the heating or cooling bill is high for their home, they little do consider all of the little things that they could do, replace, or repair in order to make the bill cost much less than it currently is. This all resorts back to at its core is how energy efficient you can make your home because any energy which is wasted will make all of your equipment work harder, for longer. This drives your bills up over time, and will only get worse as these things are neglected and progress farther along.

1. Keep your home airtight

When you believe that your home may not be operating as efficiently as it can, you should consider the common problem areas which may lose heat the most. This can be in a few different places, such as the doors to the home, or the windows to the home. You will be able to tell if they are not working as they are intended to, because they will feel very drafty, and you can often feel the temperature difference standing next to the point of entry, and somewhere else like the center of the home. Another possibility that you may run into is that places around the roof of the home may not be properly insulated, or there is physically a hole that is letting the air in. There is also the possibility that the age of the roof, has caused it to sag which means that the roof will not sit as intended on the home which can cause issues as well. A general rule of thumb when keeping your home at a certain temperature is that the home is like an airtight balloon. If there are any pinholes in this "balloon" anywhere then the inside air will escape.

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Outdoor Cooking Safety Tips

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There are many things in life which are dangerous. Cooking is no different. With anything, there are a list of steps involved that anyone should follow if they are cooking. Of course, there are some obvious things you should be aware of, such as not leaving food unattended. However, it is important to know about and understand what you aren't paying attention to for your safety and the safety of others. Failure to do so has the lingering potential to cause injury if not taken into account.

1. Keep Your Grill Away From The House

Grills have an open flame, and open flames should not be near anything that can burn. This is why it is crucial that you keep your grill at least 15 feet away from your home for you, and for your families sake.

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Childproofing your home

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When bringing a small child into your home, you understand that they don't always mind their business or do what is safe for them. They do silly things, which get them in trouble. These things can also get them hurt as well, should they get the chance. This is not their fault, as they do not know any better. It is because of this that childproofing your home exists. This attempts to alleviate the chances that they will be put in dangers way, putting you and your family at peace of mind. We will be discussing the things that you can do so that your child is given a safe living environment.

Childproof Your Electrical Outlets

Electricity is dangerous when being used by someone who doesn't know it's capabilities, which means that this is very true for babies. It is also more dangerous for younger children, due to the fact that they have less body mass as adults do, which means it takes less for them to feel the effects. Outlets in your home will typically run off of 120 Volts, but did you know that all you need is 40 volts to be potentially fatal? This proves very dangerous even for adults, but the effects are amplified for children. They won't know any better until it is too late. It is because of this you should childproof your electrical outlets by installing safety plugs, our outlet covers all the outlets you are not using. It is also noteworthy that all cords should be well managed, by using methods which stow the cord away, and keep it from posing a tripping, or choking risk. You should also take great concern to unplug any and all loose appliances put up whenever you are not using them. This includes appliances such as toasters, hair dryers, hair straighteners, or anything else you may use.

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Ways to Save Money On Car Insurance

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Let's Face it, Car insurance is more expensive than no insurance at all! However, auto insurance is something you are required to have, in it's the most basic form of liability at the very least. So, it is often that owners will shop around in order to find the best rates for their vehicle. We are going to talk about some tips you can consider so that you can try to save as much money as you can when purchasing auto insurance.

1. Ask Around

In life, you may ask someone one thing and get one response. However, if you ask someone else you may get a response which is completely different from the response the first person had given you. This is no different in the Auto Insurance world. One insurance company may give you better or worse rates than the other. This is based on our records for the vehicle, and your age, among other factors. It is due to these factors that premiums have a wide range of variance. This is why you should do what you can and inquire with as many people to decide what is best for you.

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Renters Insurance Safety Tips

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When speaking about your home, you should never be satisfied with the level of safety in, and around your home. If something goes wrong, we often don't think about preventing the problem during the moment. This is where Renters Insurance comes in. With insurance, you can rest assured that you will never have to be worried about not having a prepared solution should unfortunate events happen to you ever again within the property you rent.

1) Learning and keeping First Aid and CPR

Unfortunate events will always happen, we cannot choose when they do and when they don't happen. However, we can choose how we are prepared for these events and what we can do about them. This is why you should value with great importance that you learn first aid and CPR. These skills are important in life should an emergency arise. Should you need to look after younger children, it is very important to know these two things should they get hurt. This will allow you to look after them properly with some basic know-how should something go wrong.

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Driving Safety Tips Part 4


This is the final entry of a four part series of safety tips we have been posting to help new and experienced drivers be safe on the roads.

16. Maintain Your Vehicle - Keeping your vehicle in proper working condition can keep you safe on the road. Keeping fluids topped off, tire pressure correct, performing regular engine maintenance, and making sure lights are working will ensure you're safe on the road.

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Driving Safety Tips Part 3


This is the third part of a four part series of safety tips we will be posting to help new and experienced drivers be safe on the roads.

11. Slow Down for Yellow Lights - Many drivers speed up to get through yellow lights, it is important to respect the light. Slowing down at yellow lights will ensure you have plenty of time to stop at the upcoming red light.

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Driving Safety Tips Part 2


This is the second part of a four part series of safety tips we will be posting to help new and experienced drivers be safe on the roads.

6. Use Turn Signals - The turn signals are in place to let you tell other drives what you plan to do. Even though you cannot count on others to use it, you should always use your turn signals before you turn or make a lane change.

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Driving Safety Tips Part 1


The following safety tips are a part of an ongoing series we will be posting to help new and experienced drivers be safe on the roads.

1. Always Stay Alert - When you're paying attention to the drivers around you, you can be prepared for any unexptected actions they may take.

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