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Unfortunately when you’re behind the wheel of your vehicle, lots of stuff happens all around you, like kids fighting in the back seat (at the most inopportune moment), but please focus on the road because distracted driving is outright irresponsible. Everything else can wait.

In Texas, it is illegal to drive without coverage. If you’re pulled over by the police or if you’re involved in any type of accident, you’ll need to show proof that you’re properly insured. Toward that end, we have agents who are exceptionally qualified, here to consult you on the specific coverage you’ll need. Your policy’s cost will be determined by any number of factors, including what kind of vehicle you’re insuring, how old the car is, your age, your past driving record (accidents, violations and so on) and the type and amount of coverage you need. Our agents have a unique knowledge of the industry, so we’ll be able to quote you maximum coverage at the lowest price point.

Moving to Elgin, TX?

It’s a city in Bastrop and Travis counties in the U.S. state of Texas. The population was 8,135 at the 2010 census. The city is a suburb of Austin, and is part of the Greater Austin metropolitan area. It is also known as the Sausage Capital of Texas and the Brick Capital of the Southwest, due to the presence of three operating brickyards in the mid-twentieth century (two of which are open to this date).

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