Towing Reimbursement (TOWING)

It’s important for consumers to be aware of the differences between towing reimbursement (TOWING) and roadside assistance coverage on their car insurance policy. Even though individuals think that they are the same, there are numerous differences between the two.

With many insurance companies, towing reimbursement coverage will be provided to all vehicles which carry physical damage, also known as comprehensive and collision coverage. With a roadside plan, individuals can usually enroll all vehicles irrespective of coverage.

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Towing Reimbursement Coverage

Also, there are big differences in the claims process between towing reimbursement coverage and roadside assistance plans. With towing reimbursement coverage, the insurance company is going to reimburse up to the stated limit outlined in the policy. The insured would have to pay out for the disablement and can then submit the incident to the insurance company and request reimbursement up to the outlined limit on the policy. Typically, this policy may have between $50 and $200 coverage available.

With a roadside assistance plan, the consumer will be able to contact the dispatch phone number linked to the account and all billing will be organized between the towing company and the provider up to the limitations on the plan. Coverage provided with roadside assistance plans or memberships will be different. The individual will be forced to pay for costs which surpass the limitations of the plan.

Car Insurance

Many customers are not aware of the difference between roadside assistance and towing reimbursement coverage with their car insurance policies. Availability may differ between companies and generally parallels the amount of market share that the insurance provider has. In many situations, it wouldn’t be financially cost effective for an insurer with a relatively low portion of market shares to provide a roadside assistance plan.

Please do not hesitate to contact Stanley Insurance for more information about adding towing reimbursement coverage to your existing car insurance policy. Your agent will be more than happy to talk with you in greater detail about your available options.