Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

PIP, as it is often called, is a kind of car insurance which offers coverage regardless of who was responsible for an accident. It’ll take care of such things as medical bills or funeral costs. If you file a personal injury protection claim, your premiums won’t go up.

You are able to get coverage which varies from about $1,000 to $250,000, based on your individual needs. Your coverage includes any injured individual inside the vehicle, as well as people on the streets who were injured during the accident. It’s possible to also get compensation for lost pay and pain and suffering that you suffered due to the accident.

What Does it Cover?

It is used to cover medical bills. If you have any sort of accident, this kind of coverage will pay for the urgent medical expenses of anybody who was in the automobile. Once you have hit your limits for the PIP coverage, your health care provider will take over the leftover cost.

Along with the medical, funeral, and dental coverage, PIP covers the expense of rehabilitation and psychological treatment. This is what sets this policy apart from what your health care provider can offer. Generally speaking, a health care provider does not cover funeral expenses or lost wages.

It is designed to offer coverage to an injured individual regardless of who was responsible. If you do not have this kind of coverage, you may be required to pay outrageous costs for medical care following a car accident.

If you’re not sure if your policy handles PIP, call us up and we will assist you. If you have personal injury protection, the policy will cover you, as well as the members of the family in your household. If an accident should take place, the policy does include anybody else inside the vehicle, even if they aren’t people in your family, as well as people on the streets that might have been hurt in the accident.

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