Comprehensive Coverage (COMP)

This is often known as “other than collision coverage” by individuals. This is because this kind of coverage includes nearly everything that the agency thinks could go wrong with your car except collision. Comprehensive coverage is a policy which is meant to cover all kinds of loss and damages to your car.

Fire, burglary, riots, floods, explosions and earthquakes, harmful damage or vandalism, hail, windstorms, damage brought on because of contact with an animal or bird, and windshield damage are included in comprehensive coverage. The coverage, however, doesn’t provide protection or coverage for vandalism or theft brought on by a member of the family, employee, or damage to the car because of poor maintenance by the vehicle owner.

What Does it Cover?

It provides extended coverage for many medical expenses which could have been suffered by an individual who has been hurt in an accident, may have lost his/her salary throughout the time of the accident, and also can handle funeral costs which could come up from the accident.

Additionally, there are extensions in certain policies which cover you even when driving other vehicles. However, this extension falls underneath the Road Traffic Act and simply provides you with the basic insurance coverage which is extremely insufficient to pay for the repair costs for damages caused to a car by an accident. This will actually leave you quite accountable for the majority of the other party’s claim. It is therefore extremely important for you as the insurance buyer to read your insurance policy cautiously in order to learn and understand what is protected on your part and what has been omitted. Understanding you policy will ultimately help you avoid liability in the event of any sort of accident.