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MIDTOWN: (512) 453-7007

7304 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78757

SOUTH: (512) 445-5555

512 West Stassney Lane, suite 113 Austin, TX 78745

Preparing Your Home For The Fall

The leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, fall is right around the corner. Before you can sit back and enjoy your pumpkin spice latte in front of a bonfire, it is time for you to make sure your home is prepared for the months ahead. Below is a list of things that you can do to ensure your home is ready!

1. Get Your HVAC Serviced

Your HVAC system has been working hard to keep your home and family cool all summer, though you won’t be using it in the fall or winter, now is the time to get it checked to ensure that when next summer rolls around your system will be working! There are many small issues that can happen after a summer of hard work and making sure your system is working properly will save you from costly repairs after months of sitting.

2. Have Your Furnace Inspected

No one likes to be cold, that’s why there are so many ways to keep your home at a comfortable temperature no matter what it feels like outdoors. By having your furnace inspected before the winter you can eliminate future issues and inconveniences. The winter months are prime months for furnace technicians, often people forget to have their furnaces serviced before winter leading to long wait times for repairs. Get ahead of the game and schedule your inspection today!

3. Test and Replace Batteries in Home Safety Devices

There is no time like the present to make sure that your home safety devices are working correctly. It is recommended that you test and change the batteries annually if not more.

4. Clean the Gutters

Dirty and clogged gutters can lead to many issues for your home, with leaves falling they are more likely to get clogged during autumn. By getting them cleaned before you give your home a fighting chance of not having drainage issues due to leaf build up. Clogged gutters lead to water pouring over the side of your home damaging the siding and foundation, this can lead to flooding in your home.

5. Turn Off Outdoor Faucets and Sprinkler Systems

Outdoor pipes are prone to bursting when they are filled with water, by ensuring that your systems are turned off before winter you can save yourself the heartbreak and cost of replacing or repairing these systems when the summer months roll back around. Often this damage will go unnoticed until it is time to use them again.

6. Have Your Chimney Inspected and Cleaned

If you have a fireplace you know that there is nothing better than spending quality time with your friends and family in front of the warm fire in the cooler months. For the safety of your home and your family, getting this area inspected and cleaned each year will help prevent issues such as things caught in the chimney burning, potential fire hazards, and many more.

7. Stock Up on Firewood

Now is the time to stock up on firewood, it is recommended that you store your firewood somewhere that is safe from the elements, keeping it dry and ready to use when you see fit.

8. Stock Up on Ice Melt

Its never fun to have to run to the store hoping that there is ice melt left when there is an anticipated storm. Stocking up before winter hits will save you the grief of going to different stores until you find a bag or two that are left. Buy a bag or two here or there and store them somewhere safe and dry that way when and if you need them you are ready.

9. Check your basement

The fall and winter months bring moisture, its important that you inspect your home and get cracks and concerns dealt with before the elements hit. The moisture of rain that comes during the fall or snow that comings in the winter can lead to flooding in your home as well as foundational damage. The best way to combat these issues is to tackle them before they become costly repairs. Check the windows and other potential problem areas in your home to ensure a warm, incident-free winter. If you are unsure of what to look for schedule an inspection today and let the professionals give you peace of mind!